Trek at its core: USS Ulysses

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Type: Star Trek RPG
Last-Update: 2009Nov01
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Star Trek ... Trek ... say that again, trek, roll the tongue on the R within if you will.

Trek at its core, is as much an outward exploration but no less of an inward journey of discovery. Something, I feel most Trek RPG's has lost sight of.


As much of an exploration of new worlds and new civilisations, or even lost long dead peoples, to discover the past as much the future, trek is also an exploration of both human and alien spirits, the heart and soul.

Whilst the majority of Trek RPG's seem to have been militarised, they have continued to drift further from the heart and soul and more towards the guns, sex and well, its become the OC in space as a whole through most RPG's.

This, after many years of claiming I never wish to take a command again, has caused me to adorn the fourth pip again, take the mantle and light the torch and once again shine it into the unknown, and the known, and at myself and my character there is always in any distant corner or corner you are familiar with, more to learn.

The Ulysses, is a new Trek RPG, who rather than choosing old RPG freinds to crew her, I wish to find new friends who share the true vision of trek, and to roleplay by the USS Ulysses' moto:

To Strive, to seek, to find; and not to yield.

To Strike to better oneself and the lives of others. To Seek understand, new worlds and new civilisations. To find purpose, oneself and family in the most unlikely places. And not to yield before adversity and injustice.

I welcome you, to once again bring meaning to the term of Trek, and invite you to apply for the USS Ulysses.

Myself, and my executive officer will help guide you if you are unfamiliar with the Sim Management System (in short its a privately operated, flashier version of yahoogroups) and to ensure you enjoy your experience.

There are no marines.

There are no fighter pilots.

Starfleet is not a military body, it is a peacekeeping explorative force, lets once again, together, explore the universe and ourselves with the heart of a poet, the mind of an artist and the human spirit which exists in all creatures of the universe.

No, we are not within a fleet. That is a good thing.


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