USS Resolute

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Costs: None
Frequency: One per week min. for active players.
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Type: Star Trek/Play By Forum
Last-Update: 2009Sep23
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg


The USS Resolute, NCC-75643 - a small ship in a world where "limits" are frequently transgressed. While the other ships of S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L. and associated Task Forces are occupied by the Breen incursion and other issues in the politically unstable Raeyan Sector, the newly christened Resolute is tasked with making sure no one takes advantage of the chaos. In her patrols between Starbase Bravo and Avalon Fleet Yards, the Resolute investigates and pursues the enemies of the Federation, both foreign and domestic, putting a stopper in the espionage and criminality. With the dedication and skills of the ship's crew, and the attached Advanced Combat and Extraction Squadron of infiltration and rescue oriented Marines, those who would stand in the way of peace and stability have much to fear.

The Resolute is a Play By Forum Star Trek Online Role-Playing Game. We have just recently "Launched" and are about to embark on our first mission, "A Matter of Principle". The Resolute is a Defiant class star-ship, and while the remainder of our Task Force and Fleet are busy handling certain events, we've been left to maintain order, and stop anyone who would take advantage of the chaos. Unlike most Defiants, the ship has a specially modified shuttlebay to accommodate a Blackhawk Class Runabout, used by the Advanced Combat and Extraction Squadron. Our missions will typically involve an investigation followed up by a rescue and confrontation. We are currently staffed with 5 active players, six active characters, with plenty of room for more and many open senior staff posts.

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