Crossroads Freeform RPG

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Costs: none
Frequency: twice per week minimum
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Fantasy Freeform
Last-Update: 2009Sep20
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, mixed, fantasy, rpg


Crossroads inn is a Freeform RPG set at the Crossroads inn. The world is changing. The king of Hintervold has his seat at the capitol city of Sepvarta and there is the church of the one god. Magic and multiple deities is beginning to be seen as archaic.

The Crossroads inn is named such as it sits at a junction of ley lines. Magic in the world is varied from ley line mages to elemental.

This is a freeform rpg so there are no dice and no rules about what you can and can't do with a few exceptions.

1. Crossroads Inn is set in a medieval fantasy world.

This means NO modern or futuristic weapons of any kind. This also means that there are NO guns of any kind.

Same goes for characters. No modern/futuristic characters. Please, original characters only. You can play any fantasy creature you would like, as long as it is your own character, and not a character from a book/movie/game/etc.

2. Since there is a strong religious presence in the capital city, any demons or other unholy creatures keep a very low profile. If you create a demon character and have it start sacrificing children in the streets, the Inquisitors WILL come and banish you. End of story. Demons can be played, but they cannot be obvious with their behavior, unless you WANT the inquisitors after you.

3. Vampires CANNOT come out during the day. If one is caught in the daylight, it is reduced to ashes instantly. Vampires are considered unholy by the Basilica Inquisitors. If they learn of a vampire's presence, they will track s/he down and destroy them. Vampires are encouraged as characters, just keep them realistic. No immunity to sunlight, garlic, holy symbols, or stakes through the heart!

4. No godmoding. If your character gets into a fight, expect to take damage and even be defeated from time to time.

When in a fight, do not post that your actions HIT your target. It is up to the other player as to whether they actually take the hit or not.

No godmoding as a healer either. If a player's character is injured, it is up to THAT player as to whether or not to ask for a healer's help. It is also up to that player as to how effective the healing is. There is also a limit as to how long a healer can work before needing to rest and recharge. EI, they cannot heal an entire army of thousands and then go off dancing with no ill effects.

No character can block/avoid every single blow aimed at them all the time. Moderators will only step in if your character constantly avoids injury.

**All parties involved must email a moderator if you wish to do a certain battle where one party gets a lucky break and takes no injury. Just don't abuse the privilege.**

Come join us and have fun


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