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Since Lloth's sudden silence Drow have been popping up on the surface world. Surface elves and certain Cormyrians have learned to accept this and watch the drow closly as they establish a 'nation' of their own. Meanwhile, Tilverton is re-building its small city, and villagers have come up missing, later found dismembered and disfigured laying on the road.

What will become of the drow? What of Tilverton? Only time will tell.


This game will follow the pathfinder rules at so you don't need a PF book to play. The rules are very close to D&D 3.5 and it would seem the same for the most part.

The game takes place, starting out at least, in Cormyr of the Forgotten Realms. Im looking to make this a long-term game so please be serious if you email me. A better/ more detailed description is givin when your character is accepted. If your interested email me a character sheet. Creation rules are:

30 points for point buy system. All abilites start at 10. Then increase by 1 point as you go up. 10: Starting score 11: 1 point 12: 2 points 13: 3 points 14: 4 points 15: 5 points 16: 6 points 17: 7 points 18: 8 points

All characters start with 100gp for equipment and items, all start on level 1. For races with Level Adjustments email me with the desired race first and we will figure something out. Otherwise all race/classes are accepted. Please give a decent background story for the character, ending with why and how he came to Cormyr and started talking to The wild elves of Archwood.

For your background story, i've provided a small bit of information.

Drow have learned the Truleth El`Terona elven language and can now speak broken Chondathan. Some have began following Silvanus, others Tempus and a few have started to worship Lathander. The Chondathan's and Tehyrain's have takin in the Drow, teaching them the ways of the Humans. The Drow, as they become literate and trusted, have taking up living in Cormanthor forest. Or at least the southerpart. The drow are trying to start up trade routes with other nations, but none are trusting enough. The Truleth El`Terona still reside in High moon and have moved a large portion of the population to the northern part of Cormanthor, staying suspicous of the Drow, but not hendering their progress, and hoping for a sincere change in their subterranien cousins.

Kul`Elis came from Chondalwood to Archwood and Highmoon. Woodelves from Elven Court and other parts of Cromanthor have moved to the middle of the forest to police the drow. Ku`Elis and Truleth El`Terona have struck a treaty in this policing mission. They trade and deal with the humans of Cormyr, espicially the village of Wheloon.

New Tilverton: the Cormyran peasnats have begun to build a new town a few miles away from the shadowy crater that marks the grave of Tilverton. Recently somthing strange has been stalkeing the villagers by night, dragging them away from their homes and leaving their maimed bodies on the roade to the site of old Tilverton.

Some of the Drow emerging from Thundhr Peaks have takin up keeping their bad name. While the others follow new dieties, make friends with humans and surface elves. These Drow decide to make havoc on the surface instead. Making homes and living in The Reaching Wood, south west of Tilverton, the drow have been labled as raiders. There numbers are large and their ways are deciteful. They trade and work with Orcs and Trolls, goblins and other vile beings. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Email me with questions/comments about character creation or what is going on. In case the site didn't get my email right, its I'll have a site up soon enough, this will be played on a forum, not through email.


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