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What if...?

That seems to be the question now days, right? The series came to such an astounding conclusion that people now sit and revel on what if something else happened...

Well, Avada Kadavra has a question for you. What if the killing curse never struck Dumbledore? That's a big what if, and yes many sites have played this role before. What if the Elder Wand managed to protect Dumbledore in the terrifying moment? How would this affect the rest of history as we, the readers, have come to accept it? What if Dumbledore managed to find the cure to the Horcrux that poisoned him and managed to continue his fight with Harry? What if Snape's unbreakable vow managed to be broken due to the events of the fateful night? Magic, as we have all learned, has managed to work in very mysterious ways...

Current Plot:

After that failed attempt from the Death Eater's that night in the first half of 1997, reality has truly set in within the wizarding world. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has proven himself that he will stop at nothing to kill Harry Potter and Dumbledore. As if he hadn't already, Dumbledore's fame and honor have been restored within the lands and although reports of the Death Eater's attacks have reached all throughout the wizarding world, it was the simple tale of Dumbledore's survival that keeps the students coming to Hogwarts after each year. Of course, the story has been altered stating that Professor Snape was trying to defend the school against the Death Eaters and Draco Malfoy was in his common room that night, like all the other students. It has been this saving face that has protected so many and kept the school going strong.

Of course, the Vanishing Cabinet was finally destroyed and the Horcrux's that were found have been secured in a spot that no one but a select few can get to. The Order of the Phoenix has been working diligently over the summer to gain any clues as to the whereabouts of the remaining artifacts. Just before the classes begin, the Order manages to recover five of the seven remaining Horcrux. The five recovered and subsequently destroyed are:

Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem

Helga Hufflepuff's Cup

Salazar Slytherin's Locket

Tom Riddle's Diary

Gaunt Ring

With two more Horcrux left to find, and only few clues as to what they are, the Order have diligently working to unearth the last two keys to destroy the Dark Lord.

With Harry's last year approaching Hogwarts, the trio decide to attend their final year whilst working with the Order as much as they can while at the school. A series of events await them and their friends as well as the final bout with You-Know-Who. However, behind closed doors a new evil is lurking, masked behind the Dark Lord's evil deeds...

So, what if? What if the Elder Wand was never disarmed from Dumbledore that night? What if Dumbledore never put the ring on to use the Resurrection stone and his days weren't numbered? These are the events that satisfy the what if's from those many years ago.

Join us in this exciting tale, here at Avada Kedavra!


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