Convergence of Dark

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Costs: Free
Frequency: As often as desired
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Cross Cannon Supernatural Themed RPG
Last-Update: 2009Jul28
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, vampire, modern, rpg, abstract


There is a rift in our world. The Cthonian Gods have been forever at war with their Olympian counterparts. An epic battle loomed and on the eve of All Hallows' Day, their battle came to a head. Many fell from their lofty battlefield and resumed the battle on Earth. The unnatural powers of the Gods combined to further open the rift, dragging with them agents of both light and darkness in an all consuming convergence of power. The sides of light and darkness are not easily defined or controlled, those that had been good turned to evil and evildoers fought on the side of light.

In order for the rift stabilize, the Gods have retreated, fearing their ultimate destruction and act solely through their agents. The world they inhabit is a twisted mockery of their own, in order to maintain sanity, much has been molded to mirror their sense of normality. Jobs and families are still present but may have been distorted to reflect the chaos around them.

The world itself has been rent asunder, places that used to be, are no longer there and those that are, are surrounded by sea linked to each other by a narrow causeways. Hidden at the end cloaked by unbreakable shields and mirrors is Hogwarts, Haven of Light only to be accessed in dire times of need or during times of study for young Agents. It is lost to the Agents of Darkness forevermore. At the other end of the island chain hides the Haven of Darkness, the original Bran Castle which housed Dracula, the Prince of Darkness. Like the Haven of Light, it is inaccessible to Agents of Light and utterly cloaked by the strongest magicks ever practiced by man, vampire or other supernatural being. Between these two Havens lies the only remaining realms from our known world. Traditional boundaries have been severed and there is no front line. Though the battle is constant and a reality of life, fighting is done in secret, behind closed doors and in lonely places.

Convergence of Dark is a cross cannon, open ended bulletin board based RPG where players can assume the persona of ANY character from a suitable supernaturally themed, book, movie, or TV Show. Play as a hero or a villain. Lots of prime character slots open. Moderators are very open to including cannons not already involved!


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