Star Trek: Resurrection

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Costs: None.
Frequency: Twice per week.
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: A group of writers who enjoy the interactive environment of the online Star Trek simming-verse.
Last-Update: 2009Jul26
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, gui, rpg, abstract


Welcome on board one of Starfleet's state of the art and technologically advanced starships, the USS Ganymede, NCC-80107. It's a vessel whose hallowed halls echo the voices of noble explorers, honored in the memory of those crewmembers who occupy these handsome and fruitful corridors. Classified as a long range explorer, this Luna-class starship is assigned to Exodus Fleets Task Force 64, Gemini Operations. Operating out of Task Group Phi, the Ganymede is the seventh vessel of its class to have been produced; its five year mission is to continue the original mission statement of Starfleet and United Federation of planets, scientific exploration and discovery.

The Ganymede simming community is seeking dedicated, character and plot devoted applicants, writers who have a strong devotion to writing and Star Trek. At the moment, there are numerous Senior Staff positions available, including those in the Command Staff. It's our goal to recruit quality writers who are interested in strict character and plot development. This is a strict case of quality over quantity. This isn't a "shoot-em-up" type of role-playing game, but one that focuses squarely on the characters, their journey in space and the personal/professional relationships attained along the way; it won't be uncommon for the story to test the very nature of your character's morals and ethics, whether personal and/or professional. Please note that the content of the Ganymede simming community has been voluntarily rated PG-17, so we'll be able to explore the inner workings of interpersonal relationships on a completely different level.

If you're interested in joining the Ganymede simming community, please feel free to check out the website ( or contact me through email (

Take care, Captain Sam Foster


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