USS Renegade

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Welcome to the USS Renegade and Temporal Investigations.

The Renegade did not start life as a temporal ship. Instead it was built at the beginning of the Dominion Wars. Captain John Sheppard took command of the Renegade right out of the yards, with the intent of ending the War quickly.

On one of our patrols, we encountered an anomaly, a ship adrift, yet it is unlike any ship ever seen before. The small vessel was barely larger than a shuttle. Captain Sheppard ordered the vessel taken aboard the Renegade for study. Carbon dating showed that the ship came from five hundred years in the future. A device attached to the vessel's shield generators is believed to be a cloaking device. Sheppard believes it's paramount for the Federation's survival to get the new found technology to Starfleet.

While the unit is being studied in engineering, a group of Dominion ships drops out of warp and attacks the Renegade. With the Renegade outgunned and taking damage, Sheppard realizes that only way to save his ship and crew is to use the technology. He orders that the device be connected to the ship's systems.

This is where our future ended. Instead of cloaking the ship, the device opened a temporal rift that pulled the ship 500 years into the future. History records that the Renegade was lost during the Dominion War after destroying a number of Dominion ships. To ensure that the time line wasn't contaminated, we were informed that we wouldn't be able to return to our own time. We became Temporal Agents and now serve the Federation in a new war.

In this war, it is not the future we are fighting for, it's the past. This is a temporal game of cat and mouse: they run, we find them and we eliminate any change to the time line. Outside of this ship, the universe will change with every wrong step we make. Yet, we will be left unchanged, that is the responsibility we now bare. We are the guardians of the past and it is our duty to protect it.

Open Positions Chief Flight Control Officer Chief Operations Officer Cheif Engineer Chief Science Officer Chief Medical Officer Chief Intelligence Officer Marine Commanding Officer

Plus many more. Please take a look around and apply if you're interested.


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