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Frequency: one per day
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Type: scpae game, fantasy game, action game,wargame the list grows everyday
Last-Update: 2009Jul14
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, vampire, space, modern, rpg


The RPG Table hosts several games 10 currently. We have five Palladium games running 1 D&D game running 1 freestyle (no rolls just random encounters)game 1 White wolf game VtM:New York a shadowrun game and soon will have a warhammer 40,000 game (dark Hersey)

You can read the posts that have been made so far by visiting the website. to post you will need to register. I write up characters for people interested in playing but do not have the books. All The Games that are open and running you can sign up and I will write you into the story. Also if you would like to GM a story line PM Rahmir Anhur on the game site.

Darkness Calls is based off the Palladium system, It is a game where the undead have taken over the world Zombies and Vampires use the living for food stock and shock troopers. The Living Need heroes to help them fight back.

The Fall of Man is also based on the palladium system. This game spans many dimensions and world from fantasy to modern to futuristic. The players are split into groups and each group is given tasks along the way to save the human race from extinction.

Upperverse is a palladium based ,abit loosely, game. the players are members of a fleet of ships commanded by Ramses Vogner Ramses is a salvage expert and need good crew mates. They will search the megaverse for dead ships and recycle them.

Call to Arms is a palladium based game set in a fantasy world known as Cheriza. the players are all part of a prophecy that will bring down the evil overlord and his minions.

Bloodstar is a modern game based off D&D 3.5 edition. It is under construction due to the loss of the GM. this game may go freestyle.


Played the game? You can send me comments to be placed on this page by writing But don't write me attempting to join the game -- write the GM, whose address is above.

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