DSX Proteus

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Costs: Free
Frequency: 3-5 per week
Email: sharlene79@mindspring.com [ok]
Type: Space Opera
Last-Update: 2009Jun29
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, space, rpg, abstract, human


By 2187 the Terran Federation had expanded to 27 worlds by means of early warp drives and hyperspace stargates, massive structures built in deep space after pathfinder missions had succeeded in locating habitable worlds. The past century had been one of constant warfare between Earth and the Iron Wind. The Iron Wind consisted of three alien races that humans had taken to calling demons. Truth to tell, the aliens LOOKED like demons. And there was even the distinct possibility that they were responsible for some of Earth's myths. But there was nothing magical about the way they died. Tough as they were, they proved to be mortal.

Far too many died on both sides of the war. And both sides suffered insurgencies, resulting in sympathizers on both sides. Many worlds suffered massive catastrophic bombardment and loss of life, more so Earth than any other. But it was the Iron Wind that suffered the worst for each loss. Their races lived many times longer than humans, but also had a far slower birthrate. In the end, when the war reached the demon home worlds and the bombardments began there, the demons finally sued for peace in 2287.

The first part of the Accord was the restoration of the original governments of the Iron Wind home worlds, originally three races. The second part established status for the many hybrids of all races concerned. The demons races had proven biologically compatible with humans and one another, though this often required biomedical assistance. There were many other mandates that came from the Accord. But the particular mandate that brings about this story was the one that required the search for a suitable world upon which to establish a colony inhabited by all the races of the Terran - Iron Wind War. The search would be conducted by a joint expedition. And on that world the future of all four races would be determined. One ship - four races - one world. The launch date was 2291.

Player Characters should be submitted as humans with appearance, career interests, hobbies, demeanors, motivations, and backgrounds, gear - a well-rounded persona. A military or space explorer background is recommended. Engineering, scientific, or technical skills are recommended. Psionics ARE permitted. Technology is comparable to TL10-11 of GURPS for those familiar with that system, but with a number of variations. (This game itself will be pure roleplay.) The Iron Wind races will bring some technology of their own. Bear in mind that the war has been over for only a short period. There is still plenty of room for distrust, possible saboteurs to the mission, etc. PC's should be fairly elite (not necessarily veterans though). The Feds are not going to make any offers to just anyone. So you will either need a great resume or contacts just to get a berth. NPC veteran personnel will assume the senior command roles. But you won't be seeing most of them on scouting missions.

Players should be able to post at least 3 to 5 times a week, with average lengths of posts not less than a few good paragraphs. The game is rated Mature (strong R), with military violence, alien horror and adult language. No children please. Fade to Black policy will be in effect for those graphic adult situations.

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