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Costs: None
Frequency: Weekly
Email: dontyoulovegoodbyes@yahoo.co.uk
URL: http://www.storycrafter.com/story/index.php?storyid=4837 [ dead link ]
Type: Cinematic action espionage
Last-Update: 2009Jun15
Keywords: free, closed-ended, www, human, modern, rpg


(This isn't my game but you're welcome to contact me as I'm playing in it.)

FLASHES BEFORE YOUR EYES is a story in the style of cinematic espionage adventures (the James Bond pictures and the modern Mission Impossible movies specifically). Your character is a member of a covert U.N agency codenamed ORCHESTRA.

Working alongside other international agencies, ORCHESTRA fights back against threats to international security.

ORCHESTRA operates using several independent cells of agents (referred to as 'Instruments'), each lead by a Conductor who provides Intel and assigns missions. Instruments do not apply to join ORCHESTRA but are asked to join by their prospective cell's Conductor, usually because their skills have brought them to the attention of the agency.

The James Bond franchise is the biggest influence on this story; responsible for the appearance of evil megalomaniacs who enjoy relating their plans before placing their enemies in death traps, henchmen with unique appearances and skills, and gadgets which allow their users to achieve the impossible.


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