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Costs: n/a
Frequency: once per week / biweekly
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: AD&D 2nd ed., classic campaign line leading to the creation of the genre
Last-Update: 2009Jun09
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


Calusia, originally, was not a world of my own making.

Back before PlayByWeb existed, there was a personal homepage maintained by an Arizona resident with a built-in IIRC text posting functionality encoded. It resembled something like what your average PlayByWeb board looks like today. When I found the page, there were already months, if not years, of past turns of gameplay archived on the front page. The game, I was later told, had been going on for years prior to it even being on that site.

The game was titled simply Calusia, and when I stumbled upon it the characters were embattled on a frozen lake, overrun by ogres and giants. The fighter in the group, a dwarf run by a player named Brad, finally had to bring his hammer down on the ice in an effort to take the invaders under with him.

The game progressed onward on the administrator's site for years, taking the party through swamps and ruins in pursuit of the dark wizard Urox, before finally encountering him on a boat at the edge of the sea and discovering him to be in fact a lich.

Soon after, (Steve?) the administrator went on to found PlayByWeb, and Calusia was the first game on the site. PlayByWeb was itself an extension of the coding on the admin's personal site, and allowed other people to build their own board in the way Calusia was originally set up. I eventually put together my own game, alternately titled Annon Mor and Realm of the Drakken (and additionally I believe one other title), which was joined by Brad from Calusia, and I played as a PC briefly in another game with Brad called Legends of Arvail if I remember correctly.

Before he ended up selling the site, I at one point asked Steve what had happened to the original archives of Calusia, and he stated flatly that all of the turns prior to PBW had been lost. (Ask Ugot made its first appearance around this time.) I myself had been archiving Annon Mor/RotD on a geocities site (!) I'd maintained by hand in HTML, but somewhere along the line Geocities too folded all their old archives of their original personal sites (criminal!). So both Calusia and Annon Mor are lost. When I asked him about it, though, Steve had mentioned that the game had originally started with all of the player characters arriving on a small isle called Calusia by boat.

And so, I return to PlayByWeb to find it in almost exactly the same state as it was in when I left. (Which is to say, awesome!) Upon my return, I hereby continue the story of the larger realm of Annon Mor, where Calusia is but an ancient island whispered of amongst darker circles, far off of the main continental realm under which the great Drakken sleeps in myth. The maps are the same, the secrets are older.

And all it needs is YOU.

I am looking for player characters!

Ideally, players who place themselves into their characters, with basic writing and grammar proficiencies at the middling level of this introduction, maybe for example. When I closed RotD, I received complaints from players that it had been the best web-based AD&D game they'd been a part of, and that they were sad to see it go. So yes, these will be 2nd ed. AD&D rules, and I will be bringing back all of the great old things-- ASCII-text combat-round maps to supplement the real drawn maps, handling the under the sheets dice rolling, and recapping the players' actions seamlessly into each turn's description. Turns occurring once every week or bi-weekly, grand narratives dating back to the origins of the very realms themselves. It all becomes pretty compelling once it comes together; it is a shame that none of the old archives were saved from being lost!

I will be hopefully posting more info in preliminary threads like this as I get folks interested.

So, please! Get in touch with me! Send me your level 1 character, your past experience in these sort of things, and why you want to be a part of the next age of...

/ ~ C A L U S I A ~ \


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