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Costs: free
Frequency: daily to monthly, players' discretion
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: fantasy roleplaying
Last-Update: 2009May08
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


Welcome, friend, to the Ironlands. A place of story and song, hope and fear, life and death. And oh yes, iron. The gift of the gods, the blood of the world, the maker of kings and the taker of kingdoms, our story would be nothing without iron. And, of course, without you. For our story, in truth, is one of people; the life and times of the people of our world. Characters in the play, with players like you, they go about their lives, do their work, give thanks to their gods (and taxes to their lords), make their goods, see to their fields, put food on the table, get through the winter storms, go to war and fall in love and a hundred other things. But most of all, through the posts, the writing of stories and events, and weaving them together like links in a chain, they give form and substance to this world. They make it, word by word and day by day, as real and as solid as iron itself.

So come with us, if you will, on this journey. Be a soldier, or a farmer, a worker in leather, or iron, or clay, or any number of other things. Let your time go by in quiet talks around the fire, or take up you sword and make yourself a king. All have their use, and all are welcome in these lands of iron. If role-playing a character in a rich, detailed, living world, shaped in part by your own hand, appeals to you, then the first step of your journey awaits.


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