A World of Adventure

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Costs: Free
Frequency: every 3 days at the least
Email: warriorpasta@yahoo.com
Type: adult fantasy roleplay
Last-Update: 2009Apr29
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, mixed, fantasy, economic, rpg


No knowledge of your past. Nothing. You wake up inside a slightly furnished cave with two people surround you. They introduce themselves as "Laurna" and "Michael," messengers from another continent. They say they found you washed up and they put you inside this abandoned cave. They wish not to waste any time and will leave when you do.

(In short, your adventuring party has no knowledge of their history[so no need for a backstory]. There is no "primary quest," so this game is VERY open ended. You mainly dungeon crawl random dungeons, go to towns and find jobs, and ask the king or mayor or what-have-you to get a "main" quest. The computer moderated part is a Dungeon Master[in this case, Game Master] program called DM Secretary. It contains a Dungeons and Dragons netbook about sex. E-Mail the DM for a copy of it.)


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