Siuil a Run (Walk, my love) - Will be re-titled, when finding a better name

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Frequency: once a day or every two days
Type: Fantasy, Lord of the Rings-ish, a bit of romance, knights and shieldmaidens, wargame,quest
Last-Update: 2009Apr27
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy


I am looking for an RP partner who would be interested in a Lord of the Rings-ish kind of story. NOT the LotR series, mind you, but with a similar look and 'feel' to it. Someone with enough imagination to build up a world with me where we'd play around and get away from reality for a while.

Example of my writing :

" She crossed the large hallways of stone and marble, her feet bare on the cold floors, her nightgown flowing behind her in a strange shade of gray and a shimmer of blue. There was little light, the full Moon barely shone through the night clouds filled with rain, but she knew her way through the castle, she played at the shelter of the night numerous times as a child, with a wooden sword, pretending she was off to great adventures. But tonight her heart was heavy, heavier than the heaviest chainmail she ever wore, as light as her steps might have seemd. Normally, she would have thrown a glance or two beyond the Halls, her dark eyes lost in the intricate designs of the glaciers or of the stone, taking a deep swim through the starry sky,but tonight her black hair was loose on her shoulders, her brow frowned. " Deliver the message to my father...tell him he shall have no grandchildren. tell him I pick my horse and my sword instead." she had said to her servant earlier that day and she'd not heard from her father since. She had a duty towards her people, yes, and it weighted heavy on her shoulders but if she did not go and fight, perhaps her people would be gone long before they would need a King or a Queen. A burden so heavy...she sighed and stopped her run, the thin veils of her gown around her breast and thigh, as the cold winter wind blew it away, the quiet landscape of the city beneath the balconies. A burden so heavy, but someone had to carry it. "

I am tired of building up all the RPGs from scrap by myself and all the partners I had so far left me somewhat disappointed, imagination-wise, and have contributed very little to the sorrounding world we were playing in, so I need someone serious about it but who is willing to just have some fun creating histories and characters, even maps, a solid plot. Also someone with a certain level of literacy would be appreciated, it doesn't have to be extraordinary ( english is not my first language either ).

I love writing long replies and in depth ones, I go deep into my character's thoughts and what they dwell on and why, even if I have the characters involved romantically, it would take me forever to get them together probably =)P because I am more interested in building up the relationship, how it feels like and why, rather than pointless porn, so I would like someone who is willing to do just the same. Originally this particular story ( Siuil A Run ) was centered around a warrior from the North ( female ) who is undergoing a travel towards the Southern Lands and the travel turns into something epic =D where a war might also be involved, where she also meets a shieldmaiden with whom she falls in love. Obviously, I can erase that particular relationship, but this was the original plot and I am more than opened to anything else, a king, knight, ranger, elf, as long as it has some romantic subplot between two people who shouldn't have fallen for eachother. I am just so desperate to play with someone creative, that's all, someone who likes to pop out ideas and invent things and characters.

I refused to build up a plot in my head, or the world because I would have liked to do it with someone just as creative. I'm not looking for a plain RP partner but also a friend, someone who'd have fun doing this and we can have the occasional laugh about it, take it seriously but also lightly and just enjoy ourselves and let our imagination run free.

If all this works well with someone, please drop me a line at


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