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Type: Fantasy pbem
Last-Update: 2009Apr09
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy


Amaranthine is a fantasy based play by email (pbem) that takes place in the court of the royal Amaranthine Dynasty. The Amaranthine family has been the appointed body serving as arbiter over the world of Dominaria for a millennium. They work to bring the disparate peoples of the four major lands together for common ground, common good.

There will be day to day dealings within the royal family and court. The one plotline that binds all characters together is the Amaranthine court. Your character may be a trader, royal family member, soldier, wizard, elf, alchemist...anything you want...from one of the four major lands of Dominaria.

Occasionally the Amaranthine family will require assistance to quest for a designated purpose - investigate the loss of communication from Benal, escort a Sister of the Flame back to her keep, settle a dispute over the Halls of Mist - and a group of writers will join the quest.

Free writes will occur in between quests. These times allow for character development. Typically they occur within the Neutral Lands and the court rather than one of the four major lands. Travel is quite slow by feet or horse!


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