New Darwin Colony

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In 2156, a squadron of four Starfleet ships responded to an abbreviated distress call from the unexplored Gamma Sagittarii System. They found a Klingon dilithium mining enterprise on the moon of the 6th planet and a related Colony on the Minshara-class 2nd planet. The distress call was from the enslaved miners, a people from a planet deep in Klingon space, known as Daliwaka. The Fleet ships liberated the slaves, driving the Klingons away, and established New Darwin Colony on the 2nd planet, called by the Daliwakan, Oonah Lotmah (New Hope).

Now in early 2160, in the midst of the Romulan War, the Colony supports two cultures, human and Dali. In the past year, a ship bearing 300 Daliwakan refugees has arrived, and 2nd Clan made their way from Klingon slavery to this new homeland. In addition, an influx of ambitious civilian businessmen have recognized the financial gains to be made from the vast dilithium deposits in the system, particularly with the Romulan battle now a frigid Cold War. Under the joint leadership of Starfleet and the Free Dali, the Colony appears to be thriving. But something sinister lurks in the caverns that riddle the hills, exerting a mysterious influence over some members of the Colony.

New Darwin Colony is one of six PBeM Enterprise Era SIMS under the umbrella of Starfleet: The First Era. TFE has been running continuously since Nov of 2001, featuring ship and space station based SIMs. The planet-based colony of New Darwin was established 4 years ago. TFE and New Darwin should be considered creative writing in a social environment; a collection of writers exploring the galaxy beyond Earth, as well as the inner space of the human mind and heart on that journey.

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