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Costs: complettly free, no premium accounts or the like
Frequency: 3 days
Email: lord.mork@web.de
URL: http://www.feudallords.org/ [ dead link ]
Type: Medieval wargame with lots of diplomacy
Last-Update: 2009Mar31
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, www, human, historical, german, wargame, economic


Feudallords is a private non commercial re-programming of a German Pbem-Classic. You start with a single territory in a medieval setting on one of fifteen maps like England, France, Ancient Rome or even Japan and try to fight your way up to the crown. Lots (really!) of diplomacy, sometimes even betrayal, is needed to do so, but of course also economical and military ascpects are important. About 30 orders like "Buy livestock, Build ships, Hire mercenaries, Strenghten Castle Walls etc. " are possible which make the game not too complex, but complex enough to have different strategies and to ensure that no game is like the one before. Concerning only the orders, you probably do not need more than 15min per turn and even an excel plaining-aid can be downloaded for free which helps you to calculate things through. But of course some time is needed to write mails and discuss with your allies (or enemies).

You play on maps from 2 to 46 players and every players start with the same basics. Alliances will be formed, free lands will be taken, alliances will be broken again and all of a sudden you and your allies are just in the middle of a big fight.

Turns take place every 3 days and you can play different maps simultaneously. On small maps (1vs1, 2vs2) it is possible to get your results when all players submitted their turns. The community is very small (about 50 active players, also some Americans or English) but very hearty and takes care of newbies. Before you can enter "normal" games, you have to go through a training scenario where experienced player teach you the basics. From time to time special events take place (like 1vs1 tournaments) and since three years there is even an annual meeting (in Germany though).

Though the game is already running nearly four years, the developer always try to improve it and react to suggestions of the community.

The game seems to be quite slow at the beginning but rapidly takes up speed after a few turns. We´d love to welcome you!


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