Dirt and Glory

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Costs: $0
Frequency: Every 2-3 days
Email: ellripley@gmail.com
Type: Medieval fantasy
Last-Update: 2009Mar25
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, rpg


Torches gutter along the sides of the door that leads into the gritty mining town of Coronan; they beckon as you approach, and your spirits are lifted by their light even knowing that hard and backbreaking work awaits you inside. It's been a long and winding journey, and you are eager for a bed and warm food. As you approach the gate, the sound of a town in full revelry reaches your ears -- boisterous, bawdy. You hail the guard, showing him your work papers; he nods and opens the door for you.

Stepping over the threshold, you find yourself knocked off your feet and land rather ignominiously into a puddle of what can only be described -- in the most charitable way possible -- as sludge. You barely have time to orient yourself before you're being picked up by a drunken, laughing giant of a man who apologies profusely and offers to buy you a drink. You spy the peaks of the mountain range known as Peligris rising above the gate as it shuts behind you, and you decide maybe you'll stick around for a while.

Dirt and Glory. A medieval fantasy RPG set on the continent of Emer, part of the Shadow World game world for Rolemaster. I'll be using Rolemaster FRP, but the mechanics of the game will be largely invisible to players; where rolls are necessary I will make them (mostly unbeknownst to you), and describe in a narrative form what happens as a result. I haven't decided yet whether I'll use emails or something like RPOL.net, but it'll be one of the two.

I'm a writer by trade so you can expect a richly described game full of surprises and fun. I'm looking for a few mature adults who would be interested in playing in a fun, modestly-paced, high-adventure style RPG that will start players out at level 1 and (hopefully) see them grow to epic heroes. Character creation will likely take a little bit, because Rolemaster is detailed and skill-based, so interested parties should be prepared to wait probably a week or maybe even two for game-start. Drop me a line, I can't wait to hear from you.


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