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Costs: Free
Frequency: Ongoing
Email: cliffsmith11@msn.com
URL: http://www.my-pages.net [ dead link ]
Type: Science Fiction
Last-Update: 2009Mar22
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, space, modern, rpg, abstract


Out of the ashes of a destructive third World War, humanity had to reassemble itself. Fearing a repeat of the past, the forces of civilization united. The Federal Republic of Terra was drafted in 2054, and by the year 2060, the human race was singular and back on track. Gustaf Koehler, having established his corporation OmniDirect Enterprises (ODE) before the war, played a major role in worldwide reconstruction and operation.

ODE became ubiquitous, producing toasters and tanks and buildings and bread for the world. Koehler, using the wormhole technology he solely possessed, began sponsoring extrasolar colonies. Years of risky borrowing by the Federal Republic left the Terran government massively indebted to ODE. By 2061, ODE's profit margins exceeded the gross domestic product of the Federal Republic.

The world of 2084 is an interweaving interaction between pre and post-war development. While there are endless numbers of automobiles, now half of them are fueled by clean-burning hydrogen cells. In the denser districts of the Federal Republic, atmospheric shuttles and speeders - powered by ion drives and antigravity matrices - are common among the richer facets of society.

More and more, the world begins to appear to be as simply an extension of corporate policy. As of 2084, the transactions of OmniDirect Enterprises make up almost eighty percent of worldwide financial statistics. The world: a corporation - not several, one.


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