Post Wars Greyhawk

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Costs: free
Frequency: ~2-3 per week
Type: Castles and Crusades, non-canon additions
Last-Update: 2009Mar16
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, rpg


This is a classic DnD type game set in Greyhawk one of the original fantasy game worlds. I'm using Castles and Crusades rules for their simplicity and their "old-school" flavor. There is a free pdf with starter rules on I've added a few non-greyhawk elements - the most important being the Yggsburgh setting published under Castles and Crusades by Gary Gygax. I'm planning to start a small group of players in this area and allow them to explore at will. After a couple of levels of progression the players can advance out into the larger world of greyhawk! I'd like to give the PC's room to build their character the way they see fit and have some control in the progression of the game. The game will be a mix of role-playing and combat. I'm planning on using Yahoo Groups as the forum for gaming so players can post via email or on the board. Also, this will allow for files, pictures, etc.. to be shared more easily. This will be a game of eldritch secrets, dark faerie haunted woods, brave warriors, and humble clerics set amongst the backdrop of a strangely familiar medieval world that is struggling to heal from the wounds of all out global war. Anything can happen and probably will - if you are a fan of original format dungeons and dragons this is the game for you!


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