USS New Hampshire

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Frequency: Always
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Type: Star Trek Simm
Last-Update: 2009Feb09
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"Have Tech, Will Travel"

The New Hampshire is a small Nova Refit assigned to Task Force 21's sigma squadron. But it isn't just any old ship, there's something quite peculiar. The New Hampshire is the local representative ship of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. Its job in Task Force 21 is quite simple, to provide a team of engineers with an extremely detailed knowledge of the workings of star faring ships or bases. The New Hampshire can provide more in depth engineering services than anywhere else in Task Force 21, aside from Olympia Station.

Because of this, the New Hampshire's first assignment would be to head to the C'hakilian border, to find and recover the Montenegro. The Montenegro is a ship which for all intents and purposes is listed as rogue. Starfleet has lost all contact with it, and suspects that all hands were lost, and it was possibly destroyed. Lieutenant Commander Mikel Koslov and the New Hampshire are ordered to; if possible: Find the Montenegro, determine the reason for its defection from Starfleet, and to return it back to Olympia.

Lieutenant Commander Mikel Koslov has been ordered to begin his mission as soon as possible, but for it, he will need these positions filled.

1. A Starfleet Corps of Engineers Team Leader - To organize and execute the expert repairs necessary to recover the Montenegro. 2. A Chief Science Officer - To determine the loss of the Montenegro's crew 3. A Chief Operations Officer - To assist and coordinate the repair efforts 4. A Chief Flight Control Officer - To pilot the New Hampshire to and from Olympia


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