Court of the Rose

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Costs: free, Livejournal based
Frequency: minimum one per week
Email: [ok]
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: historical, tudors era, movieverse, slash rpg
Last-Update: 2009Feb03
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, historical, rpg


The Court Of The Rose RPG is a role-playing game based on "the Tudors" movieverse, taking place during the first season of the show, in the year 1519.

It's a time of treason, terror, and the Tower. One false step can cost you your life. Poisoners and back-biters abound, and danger lurks everywhere. A boiling hotbed of treachery and love: lust and power. Where duty is a sore curse against many a heart, lies are commonplace and forbidden passions bloom behind the closed doors.

This is a fun and unique RP in that it is open to all! Het, slash and femslash. Here we rewrite history, explore "what if" scenarios and give all characters (especially the beheaded ones) second chances! We have many exciting Tudors-era characters available such as Thomas Howard, Sir Thomas More, Cardinal Wolsey and others, and we also welcome original characters, so please apply if interested! For more information and to join the game, please visit our community on Livejournal or email the mods.


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