Shiva's Hand

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Costs: 0
Frequency: twice a week
Type: Space Opera
Last-Update: 2009Jan10
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


Putting together an Alternity group for gameplay in the Witchspace universe created with help from Brutorz Bill. Players should have a knowledge of the d20 and Alternity systems as the game will be a mix of rules and ideas. Players will be able to submit a character through the group page to avoid duplication.

The Confederation consists of approximately eleven hundred worlds bound by the simple fact that the inhabitants are from or related to humans from Earth.

The unified government of the Confederation is located on Mars, near the historical first landing site of Syrium Medena. The government offices and other important buildings are heavily guarded. The heavy use of advanced robotics supplements the smaller complement of human security personnel.

The Technologies Directorate,(the section of the government that controls and researches advanced technologies) maintains their primary research facilities in the volcanic cone of Mons Olympus. This facility houses the database of genetic information of every animal, both living and extinct that has lived on Earth. Though human cloning is still forbidden, both by taboo and by law, cloning of animals to help repopulate and to extend the resources of the Confederation is done from this facility.

There are new species that have been discovered throughout the known universe. An offshoot of the human race contacted by Confed explorers are the Tyrusians, who have taken the training of psionics to a whole new level in their military; the Fraal, who suffered under the Arachnid yoke of slavery for nearly two hundred years before throwing the Arachnids off planet; Seshayans, some of the best mechanical minds in the universe, and the T'sa, a reptilian race known for their taking of blood enemies.

The Arachnid Hegemony dominates a large portion of the known arm of the explored universe. The society is dominated by the Soldier caste and driven by the Scientists who produce the weapons and other items for the Soldiers. They were also responsible for the creation of the Weren, genetically created foot soldiers for the Arachnid armies. Where the environment was too hostile or enemy numbers too large, the Weren foot soldiers would be sent to spare the lives of the more experienced Arachnid troops.

The Arachnid history as a whole is strewn with large scale violent wars. Information gathered from independent sources detail a highly advanced race that stumbled into a nuclear age after an accidental atomic detonation , and then building on that technology dominated its planetary neighbors for twelve thousand years. Slavery, radical genetic engineering and altered and created beings are a staple of this races economy and war machine.


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