Out of the pan, into the fire.

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Costs: free
Email: myd20mail@yahoo.ca [ok]
Frequency: every 2 days or so
Type: fantasy, rpg, loosely based on D@D
Last-Update: 2008Dec23
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


You weren't really suprised when you tried to leave the city this morning, and found the gates closed. It had been that sort of day. The army on the other side had been, although it probably shouldn't have... It really had been that sort of day.

Having the bad judgement to get caught in a seige is one thing, out staying your welcome there is something totally different. This isn't the first tight spot you've been in, and with any amount of luck, that army outside won't have time to make it the last. A few coins placed in the right hands gets you the information your looking for, and by nightfall, your standing in front of a very seedy looking house, filled with people of questionable morals. Again your not surprised, but what is surprising is that your aren't alone. Apparently a few others had shared your sudden desire to exit the city before the walls fell. You suppose you should have guessed, but not to worry. How much trouble can a few more people be?


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