Freeport Adventures RPG

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Costs: Free
Frequency: At least one per week
Type: Fantasy 3.5 Ed DND
Last-Update: 2008Oct26
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The Freeport Adventures RPG is a 3.5 Edition Dungeons & Dragons Play by E-Mail game.

I will be using the Freeport Campaign Setting, as well as various, Freeport modules from Green Ronin Publishing. If you are not familiar with the setting don't worry, that will play into the start of the game. See the Story Hook section below. I may include other wilderness and dungeon modules as game play progresses so that it is not entirely a city campaign.

All characters will start out at 1st level. Character building will be by the 3.5 ed. rule books. I am looking to run a classic style game with classic Greyhawk type characters. I will be allowing cross-classing but in-character game play must support it. You can work towards Prestige Classes as well but you will be required to fulfill the prerequisites for them. Figure your Ability Scores using 80 points and assigning the scores using 1 for 1 point value before racial modifiers. No single score can be higher than 18 prior to adding racial modifiers. Please, no Evil Aligned characters.

When figuring your Skill Points remember that if it doesn't appear on your character sheet I will assume that you do not have it.

Start with Maximum Hit Points for your Class. On each Level-Up you will also be given the maximum HP for your class. You'll probably need them.

* * Your characters will start with little or no money and no pre-game equipment. See the Story Hook section below.

Please however list which weapons and equipment your character would typically carry if able. To determine this, start with Maximum Gold as calculated according to your Class on page 111 of the PHB.

For those of you with spell casting abilities please include a list of spells with all relevant information. Magic Users you will not have access to a spell book at the beginning of the game. See the Story Hook section below.

There are a number of character sheets out there that you can use in Word, Excel, .PDF and so forth. Please feel free to use them.

Please send the following information with your completed character sheet.

Your Name Your Age Years Playing D&D or other similar RPG Genres Your E-mail Address -optional- Your ICQ or Yahoo! IM ID

Character Class Character Level - (will be 1st Level) Character Name Character Race Character Gender Character Age Character Height, Weight, Hair & Eye color

Also please include a description of how your character looks as if someone was seeing them for the first time. Be as descriptive as you want, this will impact how the NPC's in Freeport react to your character. Freeport is predominantly a pirate town so first impressions are important.

* * STORY HOOK: Each character has a slightly different story but they all have a common theme. Approximately two years ago they each were shanghaied from the various sea port cities of Flanaes in the Greyhawk setting. Feel free to create histories for your characters along this line. The first year and half is spent below deck chained as galley slaves on a pirate vessel. The adventurers are indirectly rescued when their ship is attacked and boarded by another pirate ship. They manage to free themselves and assist the attacking pirates in overthrowing their captors. They are given an opportunity to sign aboard the new vessel as crewmen for the next 6 months until they arrive at Freeport. The adventurers now find themselves in Freeport with very little money and only a few weapons.

I like to run my games with a bit of realism, and "role"-play is more essential than "roll"-play to me. However there will be ample opportunity for both as Freeport is a very dangerous place.

Standard play (non-combat) will be as if you were sitting around the table. Talk amongst yourselves, tell me what you want to do and ask questions. During the non-combat rounds I would like to see things kept in-character as much as possible. Your posts don't need to be long or elaborate but they do need to be creative and entertaining if possible.

I will try to use maps only when and if needed but probably only in combat or puzzle solving situations.

Combat will be by initiative, rolled by me.

I would like a well rounded and eclectic group of 4-6 if possible.

I already have an Elven Ranger, a Human Hexblade (Fighter/Mage), and a Halfling Rogue so I am looking for...

1 - Fighter or Barbarian 1 - Mage 1 - Cleric


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