The Black Phoenix Chronichles

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Costs: Free
Frequency: at least once per week
Type: Fantasy loosly based Fudge/D20
Last-Update: 2008Oct11
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


The Black Phoenix Chronichles is a game I have designed for many years. However I recently changed the system. I used to do in with the D20 system now I am kind of going for a fudge kind of system. Anyhow here is a little about the game.

The Black Phoenix Chronicles takes place in the Nine Isles, a land wrought with mystery... A heavy mist has descended upon the islands, bringing with it a plague of monsters known simply as the Horde (note: no knowledge of the War hammer gaming system is needed to play this game). Over the years, the people of the islands have learned to cope with the presence of the monsters, and they develop into a highly defensive society.

One day, the Empress of the Nine Isles calls forth the bravest, most powerful heroes of the islands for a special mission. The Sight Crystal, an ancient family heirloom, has disappeared from the fortress. She charges the heroes with recovering the lost artifact; the first to return the crystal to the fortress will receive a reward of their own choosing.

Thus begins your adventure. More quests are sure to follow, leading you farther into the depths of the mist and into the jaws of the Horde. Additional information will be provided for you if you are accepted into the group. Many are the mysteries of the Isles.


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