Antarian Lancers

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Costs: free
Frequency: freeform
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: battletech mercenary
Last-Update: 2008Oct08
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


This is a free-form RPG set in the battletech universe. It is about a mercenary unit and is administered by the Battletech Mercenaries organization.

We have a solid core of players, but are looking for more to fill a large number of open positions. You would be free to do nearly any job you desire. Writing skills are primary, extensive knowledge of the Battletech universe is merely secondary (we can teach you that part).

Only requirement is to post a minimum of 500 words every two weeks. Its too easy.

The unit is enjoying immense success, but we would love to have players who want to help us take things to the next level.

-Ravenna "Raven" Nelson Antarian Lancers Mercenary Unit Commanding

Unit description:

Formed on Terra in Mid 3077 by Ravenna Nelson, veteran of two decades of military service with the AFFS, including Operation Serpent and the Battle of New Avalon during the Fedcom Civil War. Most of the unit members derived from the successful Shadow Lancers Mercenary Regiment, who served together during the successful Antares Campaign and formed a lasting bond. So the Antarian Lancers were born.

Currently categorized as a Company sized force of Battlemechs with Battle Armor and Aerospace Support, the Lancers prefer a flexible form of battle and quickly adjust their tactics to best suit a situation, relying on speed, coordination and firepower to carry the day. This has resulted in large success, and created rapid expansion of the unit.

Assisting Captain Nelson is 1st Lieutenant Sam MacMillan, a capable soldier who came highly reccomended during her search for an Executive Officer. Noted for his ability to scrounge for items that most would think impossible to find, and his fierce determination, it is expected that he will prove to be a complimentary second to a Commanding Officer who is known for her calm under pressure.


Use the email provided to directly contact the commander, or visit the website.


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