Star Trek: The Saints of Infinity

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Costs: none
Frequency: one per weel
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Type: Star Trek
Last-Update: 2008Oct05
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The Saints of Infinity is a sim which not only opens up hundreds of new mission possibilities with the Kersaint's Freedom but puts characters truly into the role of decision making. Unlike many games which follow players down a set path with little room for deviation Saints' missions will not only be chosen by players through voting and idea submission but also guided by the characters themselves. There will always be multiple ways to look at any given situation and multiple outcomes to all our missions.

- - - - - - - - -

In the Year 2384 the USS Kersaint, or Saint as her crew call her, becomes the first vessel to receive the designation of Full Range. The Kersaint and her crew can travel anywhere, into any Empire, Territory or Nation on speaking terms with the Federation.

After more then five years of arduous negotiations, trade and travel agreements the Federation reached a bargain with every government with communication lines open to the Federation itself for the USS Kersaint and her crew to travel freely within their boarders. Specially selected by Starfleet command and ship's captain, Commodore Aurora Sirra, the crew of the Kersaint must prove not only themselves and their abilities but they so too must prove if the great experiment they have found themselves in is worth what it has taken to create.

With the ability to travel where no other Federation ship can travel the crew of the Kersaint soon find there are some things that lurk beyond sight that only they are equipped and able to deal with.

The ship and her crew would be marked in history for their actions and would be known as The Saints of Infinity...

- - - - - - - - -

Star Trek: Saints of Infinity is a Star Trek play-by-email sim set in the Post-Nemesis era of Star Trek. SOI combines the elements of Classic Star Trek Shows and Movies with elements of mystery and problem solving. The easiest way to explain it is as: Star Trek meets House/CSI. Rather then most of the PBEM RPGs out there where the focus is all on action SOI will be one part action and one part problem solving, making the intelligence of the characters and their ability to work together just as important as their ability to pull the trigger.

We are currently looking the following Department Head Positions!

Executive Officer Chief Helm Officer Chief Engineering Officer Chief Operations Officer And Strategic Operations Officer

Other Original positions will be open for discussion if there is one you wish to play.

Also, all assistant and Officer positions currently available! As well as new / custom positions submitted by the writer as long as they are approved by the moderators!

`Saints' has been going strong for months now and will keep on going. New players can expect to come into a well running and active sim where missions are open for submission and voted upon by all players rather then tossed out by moderator whim. We've got a great pool of writers who are always open for JP's and character development postings. You will not be joining a sim on her last legs looking to you for her last hope of survival, you'll be taking part in a great sim that should keep on going into the future!


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