Lost and Found

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Whenever you can post
Email: jesusconverse@aol.com
URL: http://lostandfoundrp.com/index.php [ dead link ]
Type: Fantasy Play by Post
Last-Update: 2008Aug26
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg, abstract


Lost and Found is an advanced medieveal roleplaying forum where you create your own adventures and future. In a world that was destroyed 500 years ago, save one Kingdom that eventually became three, you will struggle to determine your loyalties and whether or not you will survive. You get to choose which Kingdom you will serve as you try to survive in a world that had previously been forsaken. With queens and kings, knights and murderers, the adventure never stops!


We offer...

-A site that not only has standards for their writing skills but also for their members activity and friendliness. You won't find a better group of RPers anywhere else. With impressive writing abilities and fantastic personalities, you'll feel right at home in our active community of encouraging members.

-A constantly growing storyline that changes based on the actions YOU take. Both unique and simple enough to jump right in, you'll find yourself curiously awaiting what happens next.

-Whether you are looking for HUGE adventure plots or small character relationship stories, this is the place for you. We encourage every type of RP and leave the options limitless to foster your creativity.

-A shop where you can purchase items, over 100 RPing locations, and plenty of OOC contests and games to keep you entertained while you are waiting for a reply.

-Unique races, places, and languages.

-Potential to be one of the great advanced RP forums out there... if we have you on our side, that is!

URL: http://lostandfoundrp.com/index.php

Tell them Stitch sent you! ;D


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