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Costs: N/A
Frequency: N/A - Freeform writing
Email: caustic.visage@yahoo.com [ bouncing email address ]
URL: https://groups.yahoo.com/group/Turning-The-Page/info
Type: Several worlds of romance in one Yahoo group
Last-Update: 2008Aug15
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


We the owners of "Turning the Page" would like to like to invite you to a brand new group. It's a unique blend of Canon opportunities and Original concepts designed with a little bit of everything for those that are fans of romance and writing in general.

Our Canon groups include the works from three fantastic romance authors that have given us their blessings to write in their worlds. The first is Lynsay Sands whose Argeneau Vampires are witty and intelligent. She's given us a world that has these Immortals living average and normal lives, but with amazing twists.

The second great author is Lynn Veihl whose Darkyn series gives us a darker and deeply disturbing world of good and evil. They are trying to understand who they are and what they have become even as they fight to protect those that they have in their lives. And last, but certainly not least is the marvelous Nalini Singh whose Psy-Changeling series has been receiving rave reviews. A world that is in the near future with three races that are in control, or think they are of what the world will one day be and the interlocking battles between them all.

For our Original groups we have the high tech world with a bit of espionage in Level-9. In Lemurian Experience you can visit paradise or the scorched Earth of what might be. Or there is the Warriors of the Light, a tale of a centuries old battle that is beginning to come to a head for the possession of the world. And Night Spectres, our newest addition to the group, there is love, hope, anger and the chance to live or die with every breath.

We are an Adult group that allows erotic and sexual content of all levels in any situation you can conceive of. If this is something that is not within your comfort level then this is not the group for you.

We have a firm posting limit. Once (1) per week and your first post is expected within 10 days of joining. The exception to this is that you have made contact with the mods and we have agreed to extend this time limit in an email to you.

For a better look into the "Worlds" and even more detail, you can visit the website that we have created at: http://turning-the-page.webs.com/theworlds.htm

If you are interested in the group you can join by clicking using the link to get to our main page here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Turning-The-Page/

If you have any further questions at all, please feel free to Email me and myself or my co-owner will get back to you ASAP.

We hope to see you soon

Turning-The-Page-owner@yahoogroups.com - To reach the Mods

http://www.turning-the-page.webs.com/ - The group webpage


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