Use the Spark

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Costs: 0
Frequency: once per week
Email: [ok]
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: steampunk intrigue
Last-Update: 2008Aug12
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, historical, rpg, abstract


Over the cityscape, an airship drifts, fast on its way to docks. Nearby in the square, scamps peddle about on their peddlers for quarter-marks, running errands for busy employers while there's still light. This is Langston State, home of Air Travel, and unofficial haven to refugees from Alder. Held together by law and spark, this nation and its fellows, Julip, Alder, Garia, and the lawless state of the Sandarian Sea make up the world of Amamesa, where alchemists, clockwork engineers, airship captains, and pirates live, struggle, or work together for their goals, whatever they may be. Join us, and use your Spark.

Use the Spark is a literarily written game that explores the politics of war, the situation of refugees in uncertain times, and the dazzling ingenuity of the human spirit to create beautiful, functional things powered by Spark, that part of the human heart that grants life to its body. The source of Spark is unknown - God? Science? Whatever it is, some nations have taken on the task of creating devices that can be run with it, while others have forbidden the notion altogether. On its own, the average untrained person can only do so much as light a candle or heal a small cut. The Freemen of Alder seek to keep it that way, and as a secret society, they work for the fall of Spark technology through various tactics, ranging from discrediting otherwise renowned alchemists to blowing up clockwork factories.

Use the Spark strives to provide a pervasive playing environment, which includes in character newspapers maintained in the Graphological Conservatory, in character job posting and expedition announcement boards, a rumour mill, an original, hand drawn map by yours truly, and hosts a chat server for get togethers both in character and out. The admins are ever-present and always looking for ways to enhance player experience.

For more information, explore the website, visit the google group and read what's been happening, or feel free to email the admins.


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