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Costs: FREE
Email: chezshire@gmail.com [ok]
Frequency: Daily if possible
URL: http://www.xpg.us/tour.php [ dead link ]
Type: Super Hero
Last-Update: 2008Aug08
Keywords: free, www, human, fantasy, gui, rpg, abstract, opensource, open-ended


PROTEXT THE DREAM -- Mature X-Men Movie based RPG seeks players

Scott Summers died in the arms of Jean Grey who in turn died in the arms Jamie Hewlett, aka Wolverine. Along the way, there were casualties including that of Professor Charles Francis Xavier - Professor X. Six months have past since their loss and Ororo Monrue (Storm), together with the help of Dr. Hank McCoy (Beast) have pressed on continuing in the good work which was begun by the professor when a malevolent dream begins to seep into the student body, a dream of the professor reaching out from beyond the grave to destroy all he built. In short, the X-Men are confronted by a dream that threatens their dream and threatens their very belief system. And as if that weren't bad enough, Professor X just walked in through the front door of the mansion, very much alive defying all expectations of what is, was or will be. Oh, and he pulled out a gun and shot Emma Frost dead - and we haven't even had breakfast yet. Curious? Then please, check us out.

http://WWW.XPG.US/tour.php is an award winning NC-17 rated RPG which is once again placing an open call for players. XPG runs a game that while set in the movie-verse of Marvel Entertainment draws on much of the original source material of the 'Marvel-verse'. We will not be running any 'Dark Pheonix' storylines or rehashing 'Days of Future Past' one more time, rather we are trying to draw on the original inspirations of the X-Mythos to tell new and exciting possibilities of the X-Men. And while we are hoping to find players for the characters of Angel, Banshee, Cannonball, Jubilee, Sage and Storm, however XPG welcomes both Original and Cannon characters. We are launching our first new major storyline 'cassandraNOVAture' on July 4th and we invite you to help the X-Men to fight for their futures.

If your interested, we ask that you take our site tour: www.xpg.us/tour2.php

WHAT: X-Men based RPG/PBeM/PbP

GENRE: Science Fantasy/Superhero Fiction

RATING: Mature (Ages 17 and up)

ACTIVITY: Very active - this weekend saw over two hundred IC related posts averaging 378 words per post!



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