Veiled Secrets

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Type: supernatural, fantasy, horror
Last-Update: 2008Jul24
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Hidden amongst the pain, happiness and struggle of life there are the supernatural creatures. Vampires, shapeshifters and witches, all genetically different to humans, but like humans they have their own strengths and weaknesses. They are also more powerful... so why do they not rule the world? Fear, and ignorance mostly. Humans are a complex species, often scared of what they cannot understand and these species are beyond their understanding. Most humans have no idea what exists alongside them, plodding along happily in their lives and linking strange events to something rational. There are some humans who do not share the belief that they are alone on the earth. Some of these humans work alongside the supernatural species, while others hunt them, believing them to be truly evil.

That is the normal life of a supernatural creature; hiding amongst the humans, keeping their mysterious powers to themselves and hoping not to attract the unwanted attention of a hunter. Well, that's the normal life of some of them anyway. There are of course those that hunt the hunters, looking to reclaim their freedom, or perhaps to save their family and friends. Then there are the supernatural creatures who simply don't care about the humans, seeing them as a source of food and pleasure.

This is exactly how things have worked in the City of Cork, Ireland, for hundreds of years. Humans and hunters have come and gone as the vampires watched on. The Covens and Clans of the witches and shapeshifters have continued, changing as time passed. A vampire by the name of Finn Moriarty joined them in the last decade, making a few waves in their community as he set up his criminal empire. Many of the supernatural community eventually accepted him and his business, begrudgingly, and he too became a part of normality.

But now something new has come to Cork, intent of upsetting the apple cart for good. The shapeshifters of Cork have never seen eye to eye, with the foxes, owls and wildcats having always been natural enemies. The sister of the owl's Clan Leader has been attacked by a fox, resulting in her becoming a fox shapeshifter. As the owls look to the fox Clan for an explaination, no one is aware of the rogue foxes that have entered Cork, using the shapeshifters existing conflict to thin out the ranks of the existing fox clan ready for them to take over.


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