Diamonds in the Dirt

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Costs: Free
Frequency: A few times a week
Type: DnD 3.5, Fantasy, Play by Post
Last-Update: 2008Jul23
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


This will be a 3.5 edition DnD campaign, with characters starting at Level One. No or few copper will be given to start out with, nor will you start out with hardly any items, besides basic clothing, basic and worn supplies, and basic mining supplies. You are all in a small and extremely poor mining town, and have been in that town for a long enough time to make yourself poor and dependent on mining as well. Basically all of the citzens depend on this mining, and are paid by the government to do it. Think of it as a more hands on approach to goverment wellfare, or monetary support. Stats will be rolled for you, using a 4d6 best-of method, unless I find something else more interesting.

You may be any race and class found in the basic DnD players manual, and it is required you have one of these books for your own. This will be a longterm campaign.

If you are interested, check out the group, or send a email to

I will give you more details upon the time of the email, such as more background information and such. Try to come to me with a reason on why you are in this town, if you were born in it, came to it, or various other methods. If you want to go ahead and try to come up with a character concept, I am open to all ideas. Just give me an email or submit a request to the group, and I will talk with you. This will be a good mix of roleplaying and combat, so come with some good writing skills, please.

We are looking for 4 players, maybe one more or less, as well as a few lurkers, if they wish.


Nothing has really ever happened to any of you. This town you have lived in, it is a pretty poor town. Nothing ever happens, life just pretty much goes on. You mine, you eat, you sleep, and then you repeat. That is the curse of this town. If you are lucky, you will do enough mining and get paid enough to move on with life, and go somewhere better. But that is not really a common occurence. Most likely, you will die here. Either of sickness, old age, or something lurking in the darker depths of the mines.

It doesn't really matter. You all got here, someway or another. You were born here, you moved here, or you simply were commanded here. But you all got caught up in the same thing.

Funny thing is, you guys were special.

You guys have something about to happen. Faith is about to take a funny turn, and you are not so sure how you are going to deal with it. That is all up to you. But out of this crappy life and mucky little dirt hole... You were chosen.

You were the Diamonds in the Dirt. _________________________________________________________________


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