USS Dauntless NCC 78954

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Costs: N/A
Frequency: 2-4 Posts per person a week
Email: [ok]
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Space, Sci fi, Star trek
Last-Update: 2009Feb09
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, startrek, rpg


The USS Dauntless NCC78954 Is a sovereign Class vessel operateing in the Alpha Quadrent although may be asked to go into other quadrents aswell by starfleet command. Launched on stardate 55465.7534 or the 20/6/2378 the Dauntless is equipped with the latest equipment the United federation of planets has to offer. In the real world the USS dauntless is a Play by Email (PBEM) Roleplaying game (RPG) whitch is for the time being a small time group composed of 3 current players and 2 others waiting to join. Anyone who has Reasonable knowladge of the star trek universe can join, all they have to do is visit our site and fill in our App form. After reciveing this App form one of our modorators will read the Aplication and assign a rank to the player depending on his or her writeing skils and knoladge of the star trek universe ( usaly ensign or petty officer but if the modorator feels this may need further evaluation then he/she will send it to me and i will assign a different rank IE; Lt Jr grade.)

Our game has just a few simple rules. No.1 No Decideing other players fate. No.2 No Causeing extreem damage to the ship. No.3 No Hard core content IE; hard core Sexual content, Extreem Gore ext. And finaly No.4 All players will respect other players Posts with dighnety and allow everyone to have a fair say in a story line if they wish. a good example of one of our posts would be seen as something that describes the persons actions in detail and shows Kowladge of what the player is talking about IE; Knowing the difference between a standard Tricorder and a medical tricorder.

Players choose what their charicter looks like and what personality he or She has by writeing a shor Biography about the charicter they wish to portray. they may also select from a range of deparments witch are as follows; Helm Tactical Operations Secuity Enginerring Fighter Pilot Marine Medical

Players of LT CMDR or above may also apply for a Head of Department position if the department they chose does not alredy have a HOD, though if it does then they are free to choose another department to become Head of. The captain of the Dauntless known as Jonathan Donou is played by the Founder of the game Karl Thorne Whom has exprience playing Online PBEMRPGs there are also two other senior officers, Major Morak Bikarr Played by Adam White and Lt cmdr David smith played by david smith. Together we strife to gather more players to fill in positions around our ship and allow gameing to commence on a full basis.

The dauntless has two onther channels for posting on. they are: The USS Dauntless NRPG Line( a line for Non rpg posts and basicly comunicateing with players without emailing them directly)

The USS Dauntless Breifing room ( for senior officers. here Game issues are discussed and resolved)


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