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Costs: None
Frequency: Once Per Week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Play By E-mail
Last-Update: 2008Jun27
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, startrek


n 2390, the Federation has chosen to move forward from the days of wars and battles by returning to its roots - exploring strange new worlds. With the Gamma Quadrant remaining unexplored, the powers that be have sent one vessel into the quadrant on a five-year mission. But this is anything but ordinary. This adventure is more than a story of a ship, it's about those who have left their homes in search of strange new worlds and civilizations. Each person has their own story, their own struggle, and their lives cross with one another. While completing their mission, they will be discovering something far more valuable - themselves.

Star Trek: Vengeance is a long-standing play by E-mail group. It is a character-driven, continuing plot adventure based in the Star Trek universe. We are currently recruiting new writers who are interested in creating dynamic characters, being involved in exciting, fresh plots, and focusing on characters more so than techno-babble. Just one post a week is required for participation! This Star Trek is like none other; think of Star Trek blended with TV's Dallas, Dynasty with a big-dose of science fiction. Interested? Join us today.

============================================ Excerpt from mission 14, Side Effects:

He looked at the bodies and paused, stepping back and staring at a female from a race unknown to him. Zephyr had never seen this girl. There was something he had remembered; her scent. The Gorn sniffed the air, leaning downward, sniffing the girl. She smelled familiar, a smell he now associated with a feeling of anxiety and urgency. A smell that brought to memory the face of a young officer who held Zephyr and brought him comfort. This woman that lay before him was responsible for Zephyr's original caretaker's death and countless others.

He touched her neck and felt a pulse. She was still alive. He thought to himself that she needed to be taken care of and the only way she wouldn't be a threat any longer was if he ended her life here and now. He hesitated as Shaw approached and realized whatever happened, he had to do it now. He picked up a piece of shrapnel, examined it and moved it toward the girl. Before it met her body, something in the pile of debris near her shimmered and came at him. A golden spindle of a Changelling's form pulled his hand away as another shoved him backward. The Gorn stumbled, causing Shaw to fall back on the deck as other officers pulled their phasers.

"You will die here, solid! And I'm going to use her to do it!"

Shay growled as phaser beams lanced through the Changelling. It didn't stop it, it simply seemed to make it angrier. It leapt at Shay, changing form before it crashed into him. He stared at the Founder as it took his appearance, smiling devilishly as its new Gorn form in a Starfleet uniform crashed into him, sending him to the deck with such force that he put a dent in the deck.

"Commander Lektar to Captain S'zaymak-"

"Not-" Shay managed to get out before the Founder smashed its fist into his face. "Now, Commander!"

"Sir, a ship is headed our way. Jem'Hadar in design-"

"Destroy it!"

"Weapons are offline, Captain, we're working to get them back online as we speak." Shay grunted as he caught a hold of the Founder's neck and drove it back with a grunt into the bulkhead. It cracked upon impact, causing the Founder to lose consistency for a moment before coming back as him, swiping at him, scratching the real Shay's face. "Someone removed all the isolinear chips, leaving the engineering crew to attempt to put them back in where they belong so we can regain control over the weapons."

"You?" Shay asked as he tossed the Founder to the deck.

"Me?" Lektar asked.

"No, I'm talking to the Founder."

"The Founder? Captain, I hope you called security-"

"Not now, Commander."

"My, Captain. You must be losing your mind." The Founder said with his voice. "Talking to yourself is a sure sign of insanity. Let me take care of you like I did your ship's defenses."

"You will die trying."

"Wrong, you will die, Solid." The Fonder said, standing and running toward Shay.

The captain looked to the damaged bulkhead and to Monica Michaels, the security officer he had arrived with, who stood nearby with a phaser rifle in hand, unsure of which was the real S'zaymak.

"Throw me the phaser." He ordered her.

"I don't know if it's you, Captain. I won't."

"If you don't, you will die anyway." He told her.

She hesitated as Shaw pointed to him before the Founder leapt into the air.

"It's him! I've been keeping track! Do it!" Shaw yelled.

She bit her lower lip and tossed him the phaser. He caught it, using it as a bat to hit the Founder's ribs. One thing about taking on the form of a Gorn; you were as solid as a rock but lacked the muscles of a real one. The Founder hit the deck with a thud, grasping its side in pain.

"Everyone, hold on." Shay bellowed, hefting the rifle into the air, turning to the weak bulkhead and firing. One blast blew out the bulkhead, sending it and debris flying out into open space. Officers fell on their backs, sliding toward the open hole. Shaw held on to a pile of heavy beams as he slowly slid toward the hole. Shay looked down at the Founder, fighting the depressurized deck.

"Goodbye." Shay said as he stomped on the Founder's hand. He reached down, grasping it as it began to change back into its golden form. Shay hurled it toward the hole and it changed form as it spun out into space. Shay lost his footing and fell to the deck, rolling toward the hole. He set his feet apart as he slid against the deck and came to a pause. He tapped his communicator.

"Force field on seven!"

"Ca- ... you, repeat?"

"Force field!" Shay grunted. He felt his knees grow weak as the muscles in his legs shake. An officer plowed into him and debris flew past him, cutting his skin. He let out yell as he felt someone's boot hit his head as the rest of them was sucked out into space. They screamed as he struggled to hold on his foot gave way as the howling winds suddenly stopped. Shay let out a grunt as he found himself leaning against the force field.

He looked behind him to see the alien woman laying nearby. Still alive. Shaw pushed himself to his feet and walked over to Shay.

"I've never seen anything like that, Captain."

"Yes ..." Shay said slowly. "We have more to accomplish." He looked down at the girl, realizing she was alive and at least she was unconscious for now. He looked around with his new knowledge of her unique 'gift.'

"I need to get to the Bridge. But we need to take care of her." He said, gesturing to the girl.

"How do you mean?"

Shay looked around, seeing one of the few medical officers on the deck. "She needs to find her voice."


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