Code Name: Desert Hunt

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Costs: Nothing
Frequency: at least once a week.
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Writing intensive futuristic RPG with two opposing sides.
Last-Update: 2008Jun21
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, mixed, fantasy, startrek, historical, rpg


1. Past

"If giving up your practiced religion would finally cause world peace, would you?"

That was how it began, with that simple question. A newly elected government official, we don't know who, at least over two hundred years ago, decided to pose it in one of his speeches, and from there it became one of his primary policies. He told the world that peace could only be achieved if we stopped putting ourselves into sects and pieces, and worshiped individually, without organization or discrimination. He made it seem like an individual choice, something they were supposed to do but had the option not to. But then...

We don't know how the idea became so popular. From what little we understand, people enforced it themselves, saying that if you didn't follow that path, you were against a peaceful better world. There are accounts of churches being burned, but we do not know for certain if this happened. All we do know is that eventually it became a law or a rule through the government and that it was followed to the letter. However, to gain further world peace, that country had to enforce it on other countries or all the efforts would be for naught. What followed is often termed as WFR, War for Religion. When it ended, the result was one main world superpower and a rule that organized religion was to be outlawed. Other than that, we know nothing.

For a while after, we have no records of anything. We know there was an event, some huge event that changed the course of the world. It was big, dangerous, and was never recorded for future generations. Then we know that yet another thing was outlawed: the study and recording of History. It was thought to promote discrimination, war, and prejudice between groups of people. It was better to think in the present, to live with all around you as equals. To help with this, the written word was outlawed, as were books. A select few called scribes were trained to write, but only what they were told to write by the powers that be. Mostly signs for cities or government approved news. Everything else became verbal.

Sometime during this, a government project was begun, code named Desert. We know what this project did, but not how. What they intended to do was to hide things, anything, that would give people a concrete idea of the past, so as to maintain the now lasting world peace. They did this by turning places where there were what we now call artifacts into nothing but desert. Put something into the soil, we think. Some of the deserts spread almost out of control, taking over hundreds and almost thousands of miles. Where we are, there is nothing but desert. We think that is a good sign for what our organization does.

Which brings us to now, whenever now is. We don't know the date, we don't know the name of our part of the world. All we know is what is here and what this place has been like for the span of our lives...

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