Naruto D20: Cursed

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Frequency: every day
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: fantasy naruto d20
Last-Update: 2008Jun09
Keywords: free, closed-ended, www, human, modern, wargame, rpg


Missing nin Orochimaru spirited you away to one of his many secret hideouts. This particular place of refuge for Oro was in the Stone Country. Where Oro held his experiments on you and others blessing you with the cursed seal. While it gave you powers unimaginable it also unleashed a dark side within you. Fortunately for all of you when Orochimaru was forced into hiding from the Leaf Country. Oro gave up all control of the numerous laboratories within the Mountain of Jigoku. As time slipped by the orphans from across the nin world were hidden from the populace of the Stone Country. A silent benefactor has given your charge to lethal ninja.


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