Pleasant Port

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Pleasant Port is a lovely community by the sea, in the State of Connecticut, which perfectly blends country and urban living. With affordable homes, a landscape rich in hills and walking trails and an abundance of shops and restaurants, Pleasant Port is a wonderful place to live and an alluring place to visit.

Here people can find that typical small town atmosphere of little shops and many people knowing each other. The town takes pride in the fact of not having a mall and stores or restaurants owned by big chains.

People can take a stroll through the Main Street or Oxford Drive where they will find most of the shops. Going on, they will come across Jefferson Street with its large houses to admire. Further there is also the Boardwalk with its little shops and restaurants and of course the harbor which is so old already it is really worth checking out. Facilities to do with cars and a motel and a pool club can be found on Victoria Road where people will mostly encounter truckers on the go. Moreover the railway station can be found on this street, really making it a street on the go. If they are looking for something more artistic, take a stroll through the "art" street, Farmer's Avenue, here the theater can be found and a small art gallery. On Sunset Creek smaller houses can be seen but they are all in the same lovely Victorian style as found in many other parts of the town. For some quietness people can visit Hillside Park or venture into the surroundings of Pleasant Port with many farms and fields, the river, the Leisure Club and the woods.

Whether you are a current resident, a potential visitor, or a business interested in locating in Pleasant Point, we invite you to follow the links on the home page to explore our wonderful community.


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