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Costs: Free
Frequency: One round per week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Free rugby league coaching simulator
Last-Update: 2008Apr25
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, mixed, modern, sports


You coach a rugby league club by a combination of e-mail (PBeM, Play-By-e-Mail) and online play. You send your instructions (i.e. orders) to a GM (Gamesmaster) at RLC (Rugby League Coach) and we process and send back details of the consequences of your orders.

You pick the squad and chose the tactics for each match, wheel and deal on the transfer markert, balance the clubs books and so on. What makes our game different to other similar concepts is that each club in the competion is coached by a different person. Each coach will probably be a different age to you and from a different part of the country (or world!). So you are testing your coaching ability against real opponents!

Your ambition can vary depending on the club you are coaching. Maybe just avoiding relegation is a challenge, or possibly promotion or one of the cups is your goal. Whatever club you coach always remember that someone has to lose, it may well be you! To attempt to prevent this you may need to improve your team via some astute moves in the transfer market. It is not impossible (but very difficult) for a lowly team in National League 2 to be challenging for top honours after only a few seasons. Only the best coaches can acheive this feat. There are many challenges to be found in RLC, from steering the big guns to the title to prevent a small club from being relegated.


Played the game? You can send me comments to be placed on this page by writing But don't write me attempting to join the game -- write the GM, whose address is above.

Are you the GM? You can update your listing by writing If you have something new to say about your game, for example an opening for new players, you can create an announcement for your game.

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