USS Navajo: NCC-50001 - Tradition, Excellence,Respect

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Type: Star Trek PBB RPG
Last-Update: 2008Mar09
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Peace and clarity are not easy to find in the chaos of life, while also exploring the potential within, and the mysteries of the universe. In order to achieve the goals we set for ourselves, lines must be drawn, boots must be polished and courage must be called upon.

USS Navajo goes back to Starfleet's roots in a post Nemesis setting. Seeking out new life and cultures, the crew pride themselves on their Star Trek realism, ideals, and honor tradition. As a ship within Capricorn Group, the Cheyenne class focuses on quality role playing within the Star Trek Universe, ensuring a fun, enriching and satisfying Play by Bulletin Board experience.

Are you dedicated to service, and looking for a way to express your pride in life and Starfleet? Are you able to rise to the challenges that lay before you, while supporting those around you? Would you leap in harm's way, because it was the right thing to do?

Visit the USS Navajo today, and meet those service men and women, your friends, your comrades.

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