School of Hard Knox

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Weekly Events
URL: [ dead link ]
Last-Update: 2008Feb16
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, mixed, modern, rpg, sports


Come check out School of Hard Knox MMA Sim Leauge

SoHK allows you to take part in an experience that engages players in a fantasy world of MMA. Players create a MMA fighter from one of five weight classes and guides them through their MMA careers. They can do this on their own or with the help of teammates. Each week there is an event that fighters will be placed in to face off against their opponent. The time between fights is spent training and trash talking, or wishing your opponent luck in the upcoming fight. All to see who is the top fighters. It's fun and totally free. Meet new friends that love MMA, join a team and fight for supremacy, or, if you hate every one, bring in some friends and form your own team. If you're a lone wolf you can just train by yourself. No matter what, it's just a lot of fun. Come and check it out.


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