World of Kaomaris

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Costs: Free!
Email: [ok]
Frequency: every 3 days
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Multiplayer conquest of a map by diplomacy and warfare.
Last-Update: 2008Jan03
Keywords: free, closed-ended, www, mixed, modern, wargame


World of Kaomaris (WOK) is probably the best online strategic, closed-ended game of conquest and diplomacy on the net. I don't say that lightly. I didn't invent the game, it's not "mine", I only discovered it on the net. I've looked at lots of others to compare it with. It's the best I've found.

WOK is basically a Board Game on the net. Probably inspired by "Diplomacy", but it beats Diplomacy by a mile IMHO.

It is NOT a shooting game, nor an RPG or MMORPG, nor open-ended adventuring. It's a game of diplomacy, strategy, warfare and conquest. It is closed-ended like a board game, with a winner or two after a few weeks. Then a new game. Always several games in progress (you can watch), and always a new game starting soon.

It is multi-player (10 players per game on a variety of maps), 10 real humans across the globe, run online with maps and turn-reports, and with forums and email between the players for diplomacy and banter.

It's tried and tested, been going since 2000, and is completely free.

It is very successful, in terms of devoted players, and a sense of community, but is not widely known, not easy for new players to discover! Hence this entry.

On a map of 60 provinces, you and 9 rivals start off with one province and a powerful force. You make border treaties and alliances, and go expand your empire. You play with a combination of armies, missiles, workers, spies etc., and, by allying, spying, attacking,, you try to end up with a 2-player shared win and high fives, or else a solo win.

It's not too time-demanding. You and the others have 3 days to put orders in, they are processed simultaneously, then you get your own Turn Report, and 3 days for your next orders.

Check it out at Tell them Hannibal sent you.


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