Gamehenge in Watermelon Sugar

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Costs: free
Frequency: once per week +
Type: surreal fantasy(AD&D loose rules)
Last-Update: 2007Nov28
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


"The door creaked and groaned in its hinges as the party slipped inside the ancient doorway. The room was dusty and the air was stale. The room was 10x10, stone walls, just enough space for a collossal desk, pushed up against the far wall. The other three walls were busily occupied with books of all shapes, sizes and craftsmanship. Finally, the party might get paid a little for their troubles. It takes a few minutes, but soon the party discovered they were not alone in the room. There, in the chair at the desk in the center of the room sat a man, covered by the overgrowth of hair eons ago forgotten, a beard tangled all about the room as he slept, or so it seemed. Upon further inspection the party realized that the man was not sleeping or dead, but READING. His eyes darted back and forth across the pages of the book. The book in his grip is green, and inscribed along the spine are the words "Gamehendge". The party edged closer to the man. One of them reached out a shakey hand and prodded the man. Nothing. They moved closer. A quick glance at the book is all it took. Suddenly, new words sprang forth from the pages, appearing almost before they were read. "Sorcery!" someone called out. It was too late. The party soon found themselves unable to remove thier gaze from the tome. Each of them, one way or another had at least glanced at the open pages, and each found a different fasination. An unsteady moment, a feeling of falling, and the party woke up in a field... to the north, a great river and beyond that a forest, to the south, gently rolling hills, covered in watermelons of various colors. The sun was shining blue..."

Welcome to Gamehendge in Watermelon Sugar. Prepare yourself for a wacky, original co-adaption of some cult classic tales you've probably never heard of. A sense of humor and a willingness to toss the rules is required. Storytellers, wackos, eccentrics abound in this tale of uncoordinated knights, powerhungry bankers, renagade accountants, robots, dubious mushrooms, busty druidic maidens, and a doll that shoots flowers, etc, etc. etc. This is a world of my design, and almost every square foot is mapped out in graphic detail, just bear with my eccentricity if you dare.

Send me a basic character sheet, classic AD&D style characters. We need a well roumded party of about 5 good strong wacky wrighters. Start at lvl 3. Turns about once a week or more, depending on participation.


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