Greyhawk Legends

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Once weekly minimum
Email: [ok]
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: D&D v3.5 fantasy RPG
Last-Update: 2007Nov24
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


Welcome to the rebirth of the Greyhawk Legends campaign. The play-by-email game based in the world of Greyhawk, created by the DM, having existed since the face-to-face play began in 1982, and once played on Yahoo Groups about four years ago. This time around will be very different than before.

The pbem game in which you are about to become involved might be typical of other pbem D&D games, but I have in mind the concept to create a wide open-ended, non-linear story for characters to follow. This will entail a great deal of player involvement with the DM to create an interactive world scene. I want players to be able to contribute to the ideas, adventures, encounters, and description of locations.

The game is located within the Solnor Compact, on the Eastern shores of the Flaeness, and centered on a town known as Horaja. Half-way between the Free Cities of Ountsy and Roland, Horaja is a relatively new establishment with a long-developed past. Hearty characters with a powerful will to survive and prosper are needed to firmly implant the economic strength of the town.

This game will not be restricted by a certain number of PC's allowed in the adventuring party. I intend to allow as many PC's as can be possibly managed into the game. Of course this may result in a great deal of more work on the DM's part with numerous character's involved, but I believe the onus of adventuring decisions lies more on the shoulders of the player than with the DM. Each player will be restricted to running only one character for this game.

If you are looking for a good deal of combat to occur in your D&D game, then you may need to look for another pbem game. There will be combat encounters in this game, and quite frequently enough, but I would like to see how your character can become involved in the affairs of a D&D world. The requirement for such character interaction is in the bounds of the player imagination. If you have the capability of an excellent D&D mind, then you will no doubt go far in this game. Players will be awarded for the amount of effort they put into their character actions. Combat will be secondary to good character play.

As you may have guessed by now, posting the actions for your character on a regular basis will be essential to your success in this pbem game. The game is not intended to be linear, and some characters will progress at a different rate than others. Your rate of posting will not be dependent upon whether another player needs to post for his character. The exception to this will be on the occasion that some characters desire to form an adventuring party, and in that case those characters will then be on the same time line.

In relation to combat resolution, we enter into a melee time-line known as Detailed Action Time. I believe it's entirely possible to adequately resolve combat through a consistent exchange of emails. We exchange the data for each combatant (whether it be monster or another character type) and then make the required rolls at for hits, saves, etc.

The game has a very solid "R" rating. No one under the age of 18 will be permitted to participate here due to the possibility of strong adult content.

A great deal more information can be obtained from joining the Greyhawk Legends site. Only very serious die-hard D&D gamers need to join this game.

As happens occasionally, there may very well be something basic that I'm forgetting to mention. Please don't hesitate to ask anything of the DM and start any string of discussion on your mind.

Looking forward to the character creation with you!


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