Camarilla Nights

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Costs: Free
Frequency: every day if possible
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Vampire, Horror, Open-Ended, NWOD, VampireTheRequiem, MageTheAwakening, Second Sight, SkinThieves
Last-Update: 2007Oct02
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, vampire, modern, rpg


Baltimore, a city flushed with life and culture. Every day thousand of people walk its streets. Each night a hundred kindred walk it streets feeding, feuding, and fighting to survive another night. You heard about the disappearances at night didn't you. Do you think humans are capable of such master work such as that. Or the bodies that turned up hung from a ceiling turned inside out. That was us. But we don't walk this city alone. We are bound by the Pax Humanica with the mages and the other deizens. The city is ours all we need do it take to back from those would try us. Help the Camarilla and you will know the rewards of the monarchs of the night. Hinder us and you will be luck to survive another not.

Have you awakened? Do you hear the call of your watchtowers? Good because we need you help. The vampires are pacified for the moment but we have other problems. Banishers and Seers have come to the city we are few but our arguements are many. We all a agree we need more help. If you have awakened the we are drafting you into a war for the fate of the sleepers. You should very your love ones as potential enemies. They could awaken and betray their heritage at any moment. Help us and we will so you the world of the awakened and what lies beyond the lies. Betray or hinder us and you will wish you were still asleep.


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