USS Andoria

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Costs: FREE!
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Type: Star Trek RPG
Last-Update: 2009Feb09
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg


The year is 2386, in the aftermath of the Dominion War and the Scimitar incident and the Borg Invasion and attack on Earth the Alpha and Beta Quadrant powers have grown closer, Starfleet is now able to return to it's original mission, "to seek out New Worlds and New Life, to go where no man has gone before".

With the borders of the Federation secure the USS Andoria is no longer required for simple border policing and is now fulfilling her designed role as a Light Explorer, usually following up on the visits from larger and more equipped starship, establishing diplomatic and trade relations, investigating anomalies, setting up science projects and scouting out potential colony sites as well as more mundane tasks such as anti-piracy work and acting as a Diplomatic Courier.

With a compelling and friendly crew, interesting storylines and character driven plots as well as a ship that isn't the biggest or the best in Starfleet come and join today and participate in one of the most unique challenges in simming, the USS Andoria!

Commodore Ivan Pakarilov

Task Group Commanding Officer, TF21-B,

Commanding Officer, USS Andoria

Task Force 21-B Wolf Star Squadron, Obsidian Fleet

Obsidian Fleet Simm of the Year, 2009


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