DUNE: Wheels Within Wheels

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Costs: FREE
Email: mandor1784@gmail.com [ok]
Frequency: Min. 1/weekly
URL: http://groups.google.com/group/dune-wheels-within-wheels [ dead link ]
Type: DUNE: Science-Fiction Roleplaying Game
Last-Update: 2007Sep17
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, space, rpg, abstract


10188 A.G. Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV reigns over the Galactic Imperium, House Harkonnen maintains its CHOAM Directorship of Arrakis, House Ginaz barely escaped total destruction through aid of House Atreides. The aid came in the form of House Minor Troy, and this is their saga.

This game uses a modified version of Last Unicorn Games' DUNE: RPG. To join, you must send me an outlined character history/idea, which will allow me to make my decision to move you on to the final and full-fledged character creation.

You will play one of the members of House Troy and it's entourage, fighting for the success of the House Minor, your character, and whoever your character has allegiance to. This game is all about plans within plans, things not seeming what they truly are, true to the Herbert DUNE novels.

This game requires some knowledge of the DUNE Universe, specifically circa the book DUNE and the concurrent movies, but I am assisting best I can with 'suggested topics' once to twice monthly to help inform players on topics they wish to know about.

This game focuses on character evolution and interaction, not hack-and-slash. It is a story, where the stats are for my use only for arbitration (that, hopefully, should be rare).

This game requires a 1/weekly minimum posting of 1 page of quality text.


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