AD&D v.3.5 NEW CAMPAIGN (Open-ended)

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Costs: None
Frequency: once every 2-3 days
Type: fantasy, medieval, AD&D
Last-Update: 2007Sep07
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


NEW AD&D v3.5 Campaign, open-ended, without the use of mods or adventure sets which means your actions as a player are limited only by your imagination. The setting at this point is going to be one of my own creation and likely will be developed along with the plots/storylines as we go along. Turns will be posted through the use of a BB/Forum site disclosed to finally accepted players or interested "Lurkers". Without further ado, I will be reviewing player submissions for the campaign but i'm only looking at accepting 3-4 individuals with later possibility for expansion (keeps the game a bit more interpersonal and faster). Here is the specifics for the submission:

***NOTE: 2-3 turns per week is the frequency im shooting for so if you cannot keep up with the pace, do not apply - thanx***

~Character abilities must be 82pts or lower (ie. you have 82pts to distribute amongst your 6 ability scores - STR, DEX, etc)

~ALL characters will began at level 1

~No Prestige classes or Psionics

~No character will start with magical item(s)

~Use moderation in your beginning items (weapons, armour, etc - if unsure use the starting gold roll for your respective class and buy from there)

~Submit FULLY complete character sheets PLUS a BACKGROUND STORY (make-up city, town, village names and if accepted I will implement them into the campaign world)

~If you have character or background story related questions feel free to ask me prior to submission

***NOTE*** I encourage great role-playing in my campaigns and although combat is a staple of most AD&D games, creativity and imagination are rewarded (in terms of experience) as much so if not more at times then combat or "hack and slash" mentality. (Staying true to your character's personality, alignment, etc go a long way)

Look forward to your submissions, -GM Serenity


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